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September, 2021 – Craft Fair Update During Covid

Thanks so much for bearing with us as we plow thru the trials and tribulations of a Craft Fair planning during Covid!  And thank you so very much for the time you took answering our questionnaire.  We certainly appreciate your notes and suggestions.  We also appreciated the feedback from a questionnaire sent to our crafters. 

As a result of the responses, we are going to have the craft fair on the regularly scheduled date (Saturday, 11/13). However, it’s going to be scaled down and rearranged a bit (GASP! Our affinity for tradition is going to be a little rattled!):

  • We’re only going to have 25 crafters (at the most) in the great hall (no classrooms). 
  • There will be no food sales so no cafeteria tables set up so we’ll be able to stretch out the crafter tables. 
  • We will still have soup sales!  It will be in the main kitchen (no small kitchen this year).
  • The bake sale will be in the memorial room in one corner and the book sale will be in the other corner, kind of meandering out of the library for more breathing room. 
  • Attic Treasures will remain where it’s always been but we’re restricting drop off to 7 days to control the amount of “treasures” collected.  And we’re going to offer a shopper special:  $5 will get you early access that morning at 8:30am.  Treasure hunters will LOVE this (we hope!).
  • And we’ll have about a dozen silent auction baskets on tables outside the office.

We will have a mask mandate and have hand sanitizing stations scattered throughout the building, and we will have folks there to gently enforce the masks.  We will keep windows and doors open, where we’re able, for cross breezes.  And we’ll do our best to keep traffic flowing at a steady pace. 

Please be on the lookout for volunteer sign-ups coming out in the next week.  For those of you that are still on the fence about being in a place where it’s too people-y, we get it.  In that case we could use your help with stuff prior to the day of the fair, like donating, pricing and sorting in Attic Treasures (when no one is around); donating books for the book sale; and baking some sweet treats for the bake table.  We will also need folks to help clean up afterwards, which again is a time when it’s not so people-y in the building. 

And please know that we will continue to monitor the situation with the virus/vaccines and if it does get worse in the next month, we can always cancel. 


August, 2021 – Vestry Re-instates Mask Requirements

The vestry has voted to again require masks for all people attending indoor worship who are ages five and up (masks are encouraged but not required for children above age two to five). Masks must cover the nose and mouth. This decision was made in response to rising transmission rates of the delta variant of COVID19 and is in accordance with CDC guidelines which call for masks to be worn indoors in public venues in counties that have substantial or high virus transmission rates. New Castle County currently has high transmission rates:

Some among us are asking why mask requirements apply to those who are fully vaccinated. The short answer is that new information indicates that even the fully vaccinated can transmit the highly contagious delta variant. Some are also wondering why the mask requirement does not apply only to those who are not fully vaccinated  – after all, if a person chooses not to receive the vaccine, the consequences are for that person to endure. This idea would be a game changer except there are some among us who are not eligible to receive the vaccines – namely, the children of the parish and Day School. Anecdotal reports from some pediatricians and children’s hospitals are reporting increased infection rates for some children, although hospitalization rates for children with severe symptoms do not seem to be notably higher. Still, long-term effects of this virus are not yet fully known and keeping our children safe has to be a priority for us.

The day is eagerly anticipated when we can again remove our face coverings in worship. Until then, the vestry is making every effort to make worship a worry free zone and safer place to gather. There are some among us who feel that mask requirements are overstated and/or are an infringement upon personal freedoms. Thank you in advance for your flexibility as parish leaders wrestle with complex community dynamics. Please believe me, no one relishes these sorts of decisions. Although our country’s founding document extols our individual rights, the Bible and our Baptismal Covenant remind us of our responsibilities – especially to those who are vulnerable. This dual citizenship lays upon us Jesus’ command to “love our neighbor as yourself.” Caring for the most vulnerable is a hallmark of becoming more fully God’s beloved community.