Come Be A ‘Wisdom Seeker’

Come be a  ‘Wisdom Seeker’

The Wisdom Seekers meet every Tuesday at 10 am via Zoom.  This book study/discussion group is open to everyone and all are welcome at any time.  The next book study will begin in February with The Language of God by Francis S. Collins Francis S. Collins recently retired as the director of the National Institute of Health and was head of the Human Genome Project.  As a scientist, he believes that science and religion can coexist within a person.  Come discuss Dr. Collins’ own journey from atheism to faith.  The Wisdom Seekers will discuss this book from February 15th through March 22nd.  Nancy & David Walsh will be the discussion leaders.  Wisdom Seekers will continue to have Zoom meetings on Tuesday mornings at 10 am and a Zoom link will be sent to people who wish to join the group by contacting Carlene Deschaine at

  All are welcome!