Foyer Groups Are Coming!

This Sunday (September 24th) is the final day to sign up for Foyer Groups!

What are Foyer Groups?
Foyer Groups are a fun and easy way for parishioners to gather together on a regular, but informal basis for purely social reasons – to enjoy one another’s company, to strengthen bonds of community, to meet new members and just to get to know other people with whom we might not otherwise interact. They provide a means to develop new friendships and deepen old ones.
There is no agenda or plan – just casual fellowship and a refreshing meal. Groups are made up of singles, couples, young people, retired folks, etc., in other words a cross section of the parish. Out of these gatherings, friendships develop among people who might not have any other opportunity to meet and get to know each other. Newcomers are especially invited to join one of the groups at any time!

Each small group of eight to twelve people meets once every four to six weeks during the church year, beginning in October and continuing through May, in the home of one of the members of the group. Generally, the host provides the main course while the other members fill in the rest of the meal such as appetizer, bread, salad, veggies, dessert, etc. Some groups have enjoyed gathering for a picnic lunch during good weather or even meeting at a local restaurant. Other groups have elected to study and discuss certain books, or gather for a purely social experience (one group in the past went axe-throwing!). The choice of available options is limited only by the collective imagination of the group, but the main idea is for the gatherings to focus on fellowship interspersed with good food, drinks, and relaxed conversation.

New groups are now forming. The groups are put together in such a way as to have the opportunity to get to know others in the parish who may be outside of the normal circle of acquaintance (i.e. 8-o’clockers mixing with 10:15-ers!). In other words, this is a great way to meet and get to know those you might not have a chance to visit with otherwise.

Sound interesting to you? Want to learn more about Foyer Groups? Please call or email the Parish Office at 302-475-4688 or

Foyer Group FAQs
Q. How will Foyer Groups be set up?
A. After the list of those who are interested in joining is finalized, groups of three or four singles and/or couples from different circles of the parish community will be created. ALL will meet as a large group at the end of September for a potluck meal at which time the group assignments will be revealed. Please bring calendars to this meeting! It’s so important to set dates with your group and have life work around those dates!

Q. Are Foyer Groups for adults only?
A. Foyer Groups are for adults only. Groups with children were attempted in the past but children were never brought to any of the gatherings! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their adult time.

Q. I’m not much of a cook. Do I really have to be able to prepare a full meal for eight or ten people in order to join a Foyer Group?
A. Foyer Group gatherings are intended to be shared meals, and that includes the preparation. Typically, the volunteer host might provide the main dish and beverages, with other members contributing the appetizer, salad, side dish, bread, and/or dessert. Many grocery stores and restaurants offer tasty, freshly prepared take-out dishes to serve. Those with the inspiration and capability to prepare a full meal on their own are, of course, welcome to do so, but that is not the expectation.

Q. I’m afraid my home isn’t grand enough to host other parishioners. Will my standard of living be judged if I join a Foyer Group?
A. Here’s what Foyer Groups are not: they’re not a House Beautiful tour, they’re not a Martha Stewart showcase, and they’re not an Iron Chef cooking competition. They are casual gatherings where the focus is on fellowship and friendship, conversation and conviviality. We meet each other where we live, and accept surroundings as they are, just as God does.

Q. My home/condo/apartment isn’t large enough to hold eight to ten people for a sit-down dinner. Can I still join a Foyer Group?
A. Who says the meal must be a sit-down dinner? There are several alternatives. A meal could be a menu of finger and fork food that can be eaten from plates held on laps while sitting on sofas, chairs, or even the floor. Or, when it’s your turn to host, arrange for the group to meet at a local buffet-style restaurant, or reserve the picnic area at a county park and host a cookout.

Q. I have food allergies. How can I be sure that other group members’ meal contributions will be suitable for me?
A. If you have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or strong taste preferences, please simply inform your group of your concerns at the beginning so that everyone understands what they must consider when planning their menus. All participants should make their best effort to accommodate the needs of fellow group members.

Q. How do I sign up?
A. Click HERE to visit the Sign Ups page or follow the easy links found in the Weekly E-Pistle.