Equipping Hour

Equipping Hour Moves Online!

Once upon a time, the people of St. David’s decided the “traditional” model of “Sunday School” should be tweaked. The word tweaked is used lightly here. It was more like, “now for something totally different”. . . and the Equipping Hour was born! The goal was simple: equipping one another as disciples of Jesus, living in a constantly changing world. So, at 9 am on Sundays, interested children and adults gathered in the Great Hall to sing (sometimes dance), pray, share, and grow. Then, when Covid-19 sent us scurrying to shelter in place, the stalwart planning team reconvened online to explore adaptations that would enable participants to continue living faithfully in a world more challenging than ever.

As part of the need to adapt, beginning September 13th, the Equipping Hour will have a new place and time: Sunday nights at 6 pm via Zoom. The hope is that the experience will be something like “Sunday Night Live” from St. David’s! If you would like to participate, send an email to khanna@saintannesschool.org, and you will be sent invitations. The plan is to continue online many of the things that have proven popular: singing, praying, and group presentations meant to focus our thoughts. And, because Zoom has the opportunity for breakout groups, there can still be small group discussions. So, not only will this be similar to what we did in-person, it will also make participation easier for those who are curious to know more!

The Equipping Hour Leadership Team looks forward to greeting everyone who is able to participate.